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Kia, ora! It's lovely to meet you. 

I'm a freelance multi-media journalist with a keen interest in law and social issues. 

My work has appeared in Al Jazeera, the New Zealand Herald, WOMAN magazine, Sauce, and Broadsheet. I've had extensive investigative journalism experience - particularly with regard to law firms. My work has otherwise featured in the New York Times, The Spinoff, Newsroom, Stuff, and more! 

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Chewing the Facts couldn’t be possible without the support, guidance, and incredible effort from executive producer Teresa Cowie from Connect Content, post-production and sound designer Oliver Devlin, composer Thomas Lambert, NZME’s Andrew Laxon and Ethan Sills, and NZ On Air. 


Many thanks also to Pip Adam and the Wellington Access Radio team, Ethan Anderson (social media design), Sophia Borissenko, Lynnette Borissenko, Summar Connelly, Madeleine Gee, Jo Holsted (Community Access Media chair), Vivian Lyngdoh, Joanna McLeod, Tane Morris (creative director and designer), NZME's Patricia Banda, Kelly Gunn, Kelly Peteru, Mitchell Powell, Jeremy Riddle (linguist), Pia Titus (contributions to recording, editing, producing), Liv Young (strategist), and voice actors Ben Blakely, Jo Byrnes, Ava Gerard, Mike Lim, Liz Lorigan, Jade Neale, Jeremy Riddle, and Cam Robb. 


It's been a privilege to interview Dr Sandra Aamodt, Dr Greg Anderson, Vincent Arbuckle, Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, Dr Bryan Betty, Raewyn Bleakley, Dr Francesco Branca, Dr George Bray, *Calvin, Belinda Castles, David Clark, Eric Crampton, beloved Sarah-Jane Duff (who so kindly envisioned an event to celebrate this body of work, which was gorgeous as it was meaningful), Jon Duffy, Paul Eagle, Barbara Edmonds, *Fern, *Dr Florence, Dr Gary Foster, Ash Gillon, Dr Rebekah Graham, Dr Gary Jackson, Dr Mark Grant, Dr Lesley Gray, Dr Erin Harrop, Stephen Jones, Simon Kenny, *Kylie, Celia Mcdonald, Dr Selene Mize, Lindsay Mouat, Dr Rinki Murphy, Emma Parangi, Dr George Parker, Dr Rebecca Puhl, Max Rushbrook, Greg Robins, Dr Diana Sarfati, *Sophie, Hilary Souter, Dr Boyd Swinburn, Ema Tavola, Cameron Taylor, Emma Thomas, Anne Tolley, Dr Robyn Toomath, Dr Ekant Veer, and more. Their time, generosity, and patience was incredible. 

*Not their real names


This podcast is also dedicated to Cat Pausé, who had a particularly profound impact on my life and work.


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